As a vet or the spouse of a vet, you may have this question: Is a VA loan the best loan that I can use to buy a house? Hi, I’m Chris Pesek with the Dripping Springs Home Team and I’ve teamed up with Chris Motal over at Palm Lending to answer questions just like this.

So let’s answer it. Is a VA loan your best bet? Eh, maybe, maybe not. Here’s where the differentiation comes in. If you’re gonna put a large down-payment down, say 30% of the home, VA loan may not be your best option. Or if you’re looking to buy a condo or a property that’s in a condo regime, it may not be the best option.

The real answer in a situation like this with these two examples or with really a lot of other examples is to actually sit down with a lender that you trust and ask them to compare the loan products for you. Coincidentally, that’s another reason I’ve teamed up with Chris Motal. He’s the absolute best at this and he can tell you exactly when you should use a VA loan and when you shouldn’t.

Thank you for your service. If you’re looking for any other answers to your VA loan questions, keep watching the series!