You hear a lot of discussion about VA Loans, but do they REALLY have the lowest interest rates?

Hi, I’m Chris Pesek with the Dripping Springs Home Team and questions like this are the exact reason Chris Motal with Palm Lending and I have decided to put together this video series for you.

So are VA loan interest rates typically lower? Yeah, in most cases they are. You see, The Department of Housing and Urban Development has put together the special program to thank veterans. And as a result of that, the interest rates usually are a little bit lower than other loan programs. Now, like all other loans, VA loans are dependent on other things in our economy, but you can usually count on them being a little bit better than other rates. If you’ve got any other questions about using a VA loan or about buying a home here in Central Texas, make sure you watch the rest of this video series to see if we answer those questions. And if not, reach out to Chris and I directly. We’d be more than happy to help you out.

Again, thank you so much for your service. And we look forward to talking to you soon!