Are all homes available to be purchased with a VA Loan? Simple question, but what about the answer?

Hi, I’m Chris Pesek with the Dripping Springs Home Team. Questions like this are the exact reason Chris Motal with Palm Lending and I
decided to put together this video series.

So, can you use a VA Loan to buy ANY home?
The answer is no. First, you have to live in it. It has to be
your primary residence. Also, most condos and town homes are going to
have a specific VA approval for that community. Chris Motal is the one to reach out to if you have questions about a specific community and whether or not the houses in there qualify.

And also, like we talked about in another one of the videos, raw land is not allowed to be purchased with VA loans and, even if a house is on there,
the house has to be approximately 70% of the value of the land.

If you’ve got any other questions about using your VA benefits to buy a house, make sure you watch the rest of this series because I may have already answered the question for you. If that question’s not answered, or if you’d like to talk about trying to find a house here in Central Texas, reach out to me or Chris Motal directly, we’d love to talk to you.

Again, thank you so much for your service.
We look forward to talking to you soon!