Buying a home can be confusing enough. But, buying a home with VA Benefits can lead to a TON of extra questions!

The home buying process may be one of the most exciting and most stressful experiences you’ll ever go through. This holds true whether you’ve bought many homes or you’re looking to buy your first. Today’s real estate market can offer great opportunities, yet can be filled with more risks than ever before, especially if you’re considering using a VA Loan. There are so many questions to answer and decisions to make, so I decided to put together this video series covering many of the questions you may have as you move through the process. If I don’t cover a question you have, please reach out to me directly at 512-736-1703 because if you have the question, others will likely have the same question so I’ll definitely need to make a video for it as well!

Introduction to my Veterans Loan Program

As a Vet, you deserve at least 2 things when buying a home. First, you deserve a team who understands what the VA wants from you and from your lender and Realtor and, second, you deserve a lender and Realtor who are willing to put their money where their mouths are and REALLY thank you for your service, not just give you empty thanks.

1.) Can I use a VA loan to buy a home?

Starting off with the probable first question of every Vet when they’re going to buy a house is…Can you even use a VA Loan to buy a house?

2.) What is the minimum credit score allowed for a VA Loan?

All loan programs have “Minimum Credit Scores” in order to be eligible to use them, but there a couple of other hoops to jump through with VA Loans as well.

3.) What is the max purchase price for a VA Loan?

This one is always changing, but for 2020, it’s fixed.

4.) Can you still use a VA Loan if you keep your first home as a rental?

There are few ways which allow to build wealth like Real Estate, but where does a VA Loan fit in?

5.) Can I use a VA Loan to purchase a second home?

You’d love a vacation home, but can you use your benefits to buy it?

6.) Is a VA loan my best option for buying a house?

FHA Loans, Conventional Loans, VA Loans, what is your best option if you have the ability to use a VA Loan?

7.) Do VA loans have the lowest interest rates?

We often hear this is the case, so, do they?

8.) Do Disabled Vets have additional VA Loan benefits?

If you have a VA disability, are there additional benefits for you? Absolutely!

9.) Can I use VA loan to buy ANY home in Texas?

Does the type of home you want to purchase affect your ability to use a VA Loan? Yes it does.

10.) Can I use a VA Loan to buy investment property?

Investment Real Estate is a GREAT way to set up your portfolio for retirement, but can you leverage your VA benefits to buy an investment property?

11.) Can I use a VA Loan to buy a home on land?

You’d like some room to spread out on some acreage, so can you use your VA Loan benefits to buy a house on land?

12.) Can I use a VA Loan if I’m self employed?

Self-employed borrowers can find things get a little tricky when trying to buy a home, but can self-employed veterans even use a VA Loan to buy a house?

13.) Can I use a VA Loan get a construction loan?

What about building house? Can you design and build your own home with a VA Loan?

14.) Can I use a VA Loan buy raw land?

Looking to just by a piece of raw land for hunting or camping? Can you do it with a VA Loan?

15.) Can I buy down my VA loan interest rate?

With most loan types, you can lower your interest rate by “Buying Points” or “Buying down” your rate. Can you do that with a VA Loan?

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